Installation of BODYFENCE


To ensure that the installation of BODYFENCE self-adhesive film will go smoothly, you will need a few tips ; even for remove the adhesive. You may need to peel off a part of the self-adhesive film, where there may be some residue. To do this, there are a few simple steps to turn this problem into a solution.

Step 1 – Peel off the self-adhesive film

First, you need to spray your hands with soapy water. This step will prevent finger marks on the adhesive. Next, you should carefully peel off the self-adhesive film.

For this operation to work properly, the angle between the self-adhesive film and the bodywork must be less than 90°. This will avoid marks.

Keep your soapy water always at hand, as this is what will prevent streaks. Indeed, you need to spray it under the self-adhesive film during the entire operation.

When you peel off your self-adhesive film, you should extend at least 10 centimetres beyond the area with the unevennesses. Soapy water is very important on this area and have to be applied thoroughly.

Step 2 – Reposition the self-adhesive film

Reposition the self-adhesive film on the bodywork by moistening the area with soapy water. With the help of a squeegee, reapply the BODYFENCE self-adhesive film. This should be done from the centre outwards. You must start the application ahead of the area with unevennesses.

If you have followed all these steps correctly, your area is as good as new; without any roughness. You can now remove the self-adhesive film without leaving any marks.