Heading to Silverstone for the 2023 Wrap Fest!

Wrap Fest Silverstone 2023 brings together the British and Irish vehicle wrap networks. Organised by FESPA, the market’s leading suppliers will come to Silverstone to showcase the latest products for the automotive and graphics industry. FESPA was founded in 1962 and organises major global trade shows and conferences for the printing and signage community.

Visitors to the Wrap Fest will have access to a wide range of services, including a programme of Wrap Talks, live demonstrations where they can see the products in action.

Leading global brands will showcase their latest innovations and the trends in vehicle customisation. Visitors to the Wrap Fest will also be able to attend a stage of the World Wrap Masters, the final of which will be held in Munich on 25 and 26 May. HEXIS will be present to closely follow the evolution of the competitors. They will also be able to attend the Wrap Warrior Battle, vote in the Show and Shine competition and meet their peers on the festival grounds.

What will be the different products featured at the Wrap Fest?

  • Wrapping films
  • Printable films
  • PPF films
  • Digital printing machines
  • Accessories and tools
  • Indoor films and graphics
  • Cleaning products
  • Training courses and certifications etc.